"Small Roasts, Big Flavour"

Our true passion for coffee started in early 2000 when vacationing in Peru. While enjoying the Latin-American flavours and cultural offerings, we continually heard about the outstanding local coffee. So we embarked on a mission to find ourselves a great cup. While in the city of Arequipa, we came upon a small café that served us a first-rate latte. Mesmerized by the taste sensations, we immediately knew that we would have to find a way to bring these fresh roasted coffee beans home with us in order to relive the experience.

Later in our travels, while on the Pacific Coast in a suburb of Lima, called Mira Flores, we crossed paths with a café roaster who was excited to talk to us about his roasting techniques and the quality of the green beans which he bought locally. We ordered up lattes and several pounds of fresh, hand roasted coffee to bring back to Canada. This is where the Full Sail Coffee journey begins. Since starting our coffee roasting company in 2008, we have been able to visit dozens of coffee estates and co-ops around the world, keeping in mind our primary commitment of searching out the best in fresh, organic and fairly-traded coffees.

Now that you know where our passion for coffee flourished, you should also know that Full Sail Coffee only purchases premium, organic, and fair-trade arabica coffees. Our coffee broker assists us in picking the best beans available, which are then shipped directly to our Canadian roasting facility.

Gary & Darlene Carlton